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Former Conferences and Workshops – Selected Highlights

Learning and memory in biological brains are the result of plasticity and adaptivity at the level of cells and synapses. Although it is largely unknown how the underlying processes are coordinated and controlled at the level of brain networks, the fascinating efficiency of biological brains has long inspired research in artificial intelligence. New engineering applications of bio-inspired strategies and sophisticated algorithms combined with massive computational resources have produced learning machines with unprecedented performance. Can engineers learn from biology how to make these algorithms more resource-efficient and robust? What can biological research learn from the impressive advances in Big Data technology? Can novel applications of these algorithms advance research in neuroscience?


In 2019 this annual spring school took place for the first time. It was designed for researchers and students (also advanced undergraduates) from all fields with an interest in computational approaches to the brain and cognitive sciences. They were invited to present their own research in the format of a poster or a Blitz talk. Following a five-day educational program, the event concluded with an optional two-day Hackathon. It was organized  on the initiative of and in cooperation with Freiburg MSc students. The BCF provided the premises for this purpose.


FRIAS Motor Control Workshop

February 9-10, 2017
Freiburg, Germany

An international workshop organized by Bernstein Center Freiburg members to bring together experts from various fields to present and discuss recent progress in unravelling the computational and neural mechanisms of biological motor control. The workshop was sponsored by the Freiburg Institute of Advanced Study (FRIAS).


Workshop “Brain Manifesto 2.0”

March 13-16, 2016
Schloss Beuggen, Germany

Under the motto “What is the brain that a HuMan may know it?” (freely adapted from Warren S. McCulloch) an international workshop with invited participants was set up that left ample room for discussing new directions of research, and the necessary new methodological approaches to be taken.


Workshop Computational Neuroscience and the Hybrid Brain

October 12-14, 2015
Freiburg, Germany

This international workshop on computational neuroscience, brain-machine interfaces, neurotechnology, and neuro-ethics, concluded the collaborative research project “BFNT Freiburg*Tübingen”. It was also the inauguration event for the new research infrastructure for Computational Neuroscience of Brain Disease, established with a grant by the Carl Zeiss Foundation.


Researchers from Imperial College London (Centre for Neurotechnology) and from the University of Freiburg (Bernstein Center Freiburg) together organized this symposium to explore multiple shared research interests.


BCCN Freiburg Conference: Dynamics of Neuronal Systems

March 18-20, 2013
Freiburg, Germany

This international conference concluded the collaborative research project “BCCN Freiburg”. It put a strong emphasis on the consortium’s main focus “Dynamics of Neuronal Systems”.


This international winter school was supported by the Hertie Foundation as part of the FENS-IBRO European Neuroscience Schools Programme. The goal was to foster the interaction between theory and experiment in fundamental and clinical research on the neuronal mechanisms of brain disease.


Bernstein Conference & Neurex Annual Meeting

October 4-6, 2011
Freiburg, Germany

The annual international Bernstein Conference is the central scientific meeting of the German Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience. Its 2011 edition was organized by the BCF and held in association with the Annual Meeting of Neurex, an EU funded trinational neuroscience network. The conference had a focus on Computational Neuroscience and Neurotechnology.


Workshop on Point Processes in Neuroscience

April 12-14, 2010
Buchenbach, Germany

The goal of this international workshop was to foster the use of stochastic point process theory in Computational Neuroscience, and to exchange ideas how to employ them in practical applications.



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