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Seminar Schedule 2024

The PhD and Postdoc Seminar is an integral element of the PhD and Postdoctoral Programs. All proposals and progress reports are held in this seminar. The seminars takes place on Tuesdays, from 5:15 pm in the BCF, Hansastr. 9a, ground floor, lecture hall.

PhD and Postdoctoral Seminar - Schedule for 2024






Feb 13 Benoit Scholtes The directed configuration model for synaptic nano-modules Hamed Shabani PhD
Mar 5  Samora Okujeni Structural modularity promotes critical mesoscale dynamics in neural networks invitro Benoit Scholtes PostDoc
Mar 12 Chockalingam Ramanathan Context-dependent inter-areal synchronization across mouse visual cortex Samora Okujeni PhD
Mar 19 Esther Flores Neuronal local embedding modulates input activity Chockalingam Ramanathan PhD
Apr 2    
Apr 9 Shreya Agarwal Role of Inhibitory Neurons in the Self-Organization of Neural Networks Esther Flores PhD
Apr 16  
Apr 23 Wenqing Wei Emergence of feature selectivity in thalmo-cortical circuits of the rodent visual system Richmond Crisostomo PhD
Apr 30
May 7   Patrick Ofner tba Wenqing Wei PostDoc
May 14


Richmond Crisostomo

Activity-Dependent Neuronal Growth an Migration: The Role of Inhibition in Network Development in Silico Patrick Ofner PhD
May 15

Michael NItsche

Bernstein Seminar Bernstein
May 21 Whitsun Break
May 28 Sven Goedeke tba Shreya Agarwal PostDoc
May 29 David Bilkey Bernstein Seminar Bernstein
June 4
June 11
June 18
June 25 FENS, Wien: 25.-29.06.24
July 2 Markos Athanasiadis tba PhD
July 9 Piret Kleis Low frequency stimulation for seizure control in experimental epilepsy Markos Athanasiadis PhD
July 10 Mayank  Mehta Bernstein Seminar Bernstein
July 16
Summer Break
Oct 15 Tim Fleiner tba PhD
Oct 22
Oct 29
Nov 5
Nov 12
Nov 19
Nov 26
Dec 3 Hamed Shabani tba PhD
Dec 4 Andreas Herz Bernstein Seminar Bernstein
Dec 10
Dec 17

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