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Luke Bashford: Human intracortical brain-computer interfaces for cognitive and sensorimotor control

Faculty of Medical Sciences | Lecturer in Neuroscience and Neurotechnology | Newcastle University | UK [Bernstein Seminar]
When Feb 14, 2024
from 12:15 PM to 01:00 PM
Where Bernstein Center, Hansastr. 9a, Lecture Hall.
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  Human Intracortical Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) use features of single unit recordings from implanted electrode arrays to decode intended behaviours of users and output this through external devices. Furthermore, stimulation through the same electrode arrays can be used to evoke neural activity and behaviour. Together recording and stimulation can be used for a closed-loop BCI. Typically, electrode arrays are implanted in sensorimotor cortices to restore sensorimotor control. We additionally implant in higher order cortical areas to develop cognitive BCIs. Neural features underlying cognitive tasks could be decoded and modulated by closed-loop BCIs in much the same way as sensorimotor signals. This allows the development of methods to address cognitive deficits in neurological disorders.

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  Hosted by Carsten Mehring


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