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Bernstein Seminar 2017

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Feb 21, 2017 05:05 PM Bahador Bahrami, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London | Cognition at the source of social influence
Mar 07, 2017 05:15 PM Friedemann Pulvermüller, Brain Language Laboratory, Freie Universität Berlin | Neuromechanistic Perspectives On Cognition and Language
Apr 04, 2017 05:15 PM Pepe Alcami, Institute of Physiology, University of Freiburg | Beyond heterogeneity: Spatial structure in granule cell networks in the dentate gyrus
Apr 25, 2017 06:15 PM Eilon Vaadia, Director of the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | The Creative Brain and Brain Machine Interfaces
May 23, 2017 05:15 PM Philipp Schnepel, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin | Hyperexcitability in Mouse Models of Autism-Spectrum Disorders
Jun 27, 2017 05:15 PM Ipek Yalçın Christmann, Network of European Neuroscience Institutes (ENI-NET), Strasbourg | Pain and Mood disorders Comorbidity: Insight from the anterior cingulate cortex
Jul 11, 2017 05:15 PM Josef Bischofberger, Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel | Adult Neurogenesis supports Sparse Coding in the Dentate Gyrus
Aug 10, 2017 05:15 PM Moritz Helias, Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine, Research Centre Jülich | Distributed correlations indicate optimal sequence memory
Sep 11, 2017 05:15 PM Alireza Valizadeh, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Zanjan, Iran) | Neural oscillations and information transfer in brain networks
Oct 24, 2017 05:15 PM Alain Destexhe, Laboratory for Computational Neuroscience, UNIC, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France | Propagating Waves and their Collisions in Visual Cortex
Nov 07, 2017 05:15 PM Daniela Vallentin, Institute of Biology, Freie Universität Berlin | Neural mechanisms underlying song learning in juvenile zebra finches
Nov 20, 2017 02:15 PM Daniel Alexander Braun, Institute of Neural Information Processing Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology, Ulm University | Bounded rationality in sensorimotor learning and decision-making
Nov 27, 2017 02:15 PM Mark van Rossum, Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh | Biases in multivariate neural population codes
Dec 19, 2017 05:15 PM Anna Levina, Junior Research Group Leader, University of Tübingen | Self-organization of neuronal networks and its assessment under subsampling


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